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A subscription for whisky enthusiasts who prefer the ‘hard to find’ dram

Unique experience

Discover a unique experience of whiskies you always wanted to try that have been sourced directly from auctions and private collections.


Join Glenbotal club

Join our club and for a fraction of the price you could taste whiskies you always wanted to try, but were not sure whether they were worth hundreds of pounds.
Currently, our offer is limited to a closed group of 100 subscribers, we want to be sure that every club member will get the most value out of this subscription.

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How it works

1. Acquiring

We source most of our spirits from private collectors and through auctions. And we specialise in rare and hard-to-find spirits.

2. Quality Check

All acquired bottles are screened for authenticity and quality assurance.

3. Preparing the Tasters

At the end of every month we prepare your monthly 10cl taster. We make sure that you will never get the same whisky twice.

4. Receiving

We send all the tasters at the start of the month. You will receive your taster on the first week of each month.


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Why Choose Glenbotal


Get 10cl Taster Every Month

We send 10cl tasters for our subscribers. From our experience, this is the right amount you need to fully appreciate a fine spirit in general and whisky in particular.


Small Community, Great Experience

We only send whiskies that are really hard to come by. That is why our community is only limited to a handful. We make sure that we can provide a positive and consistent experience.


Guess the Whisky for a Full Refund

Every month you get a new taster. If you guess the right whisky bottle you are sipping from, we will refund that monthly fee. Scan the QR code on the taster and submit your answer. The result will appear immediately.


Best Value-For-Money

Our pricing is simple: we take the market cost of the bottle and divide it by 7. If the price after division is approximately £40, we bottle the whisky to 10cl tasters and send it to you. You can see our pricing in the shop section.

Guess right and get refunded

How many different distilleries have you experienced?
Which region of Scotland is associated with peated whiskies?
What is the minimum aging requirment for Scotch whisky?
Perfect! Seems like you've got yourself a challenge
It seems like you will have a tough time with our challenge. We would not recommend to participate in it