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Chivas Brothers Revolve 17

50cl / 40%


About this whisky
  • Malt type: Blended
  • Region: Scotland
  • Chilfiltered: No
  • Coloring: No
Chivas Brothers started their journey as a grocery store that opened in 1801 in Aberdeen, Scotland. The store sold luxury foodstuff like exotic spices and French brandy, In 1842 Queen Victoria made her first visit to Scotland and Chivas Brothers food store was granted a royal warrant to supply the Queen with their delicacies. In the 1850s James Chivas, having taken over the family shop, started blending whiskies to provide his clientele with the growing demand for smoother whiskies. Over the last century, the Japanese market for whiskies has grown to enormous proportions and in 1994 this 17 year old revolve was marketed exclusively for that growing Japanese market. It was very difficult to come by in Europe. The soft smell of tropical fruit will meet your nose upon opening the bottle, with a whiff of sherry and smoke to accompany, the palate takes on a slightly different character of caramel, vanilla, chocolate and chilli, slightly nutty which continues to a medium long finish of sherry, vanilla, chilli and smoke.

Tasting Notes

Tropical Fruit, Sherry and Smoke

Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate, Chilli and Nutty

Medium Finish, Sherry, Vanilla, Chilli and Smoke

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