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Evaluate and Sell With Us

There is nothing simpler than selling or evaluating your spirits with Glenbotal.

Pick up your phone and take pictures of your bottles
Take a photo
Send your pictures to our WhatsApp just like you send a message to your friend.
WhatsApp +44 7424 558573
Start a chat Chat on WhatsApp
We will evaluate your bottle and will send you detailed instructions.

Pound iconPricing

If you make the right decision to sell your lots with us, you can expect the following:

Here is an example of selling your lot with us:

  • You possess a beautiful bottle of Bowmore 12, 1970s limited edition
  • After you sent us your photos and consulted with our team, we advised you to sell it for £300
  • You agreed to our pricing and confirmed your address and telephone so we could arrange a pickup
  • We photographed, created a description, and uploaded your lot to our website. We also  created ads for your lot and promoted it to subscribers of our newsletter
  • After a brief period, we sold your lot to a customer
  • Once the bottle was sold, we calculated shipping costs and selling fees in the following way:
    • 15% of the selling price as a service fee for selling your bottle, which is £45
    • Shipping cost for collecting and delivering your lot to a customer, which is £12
  • We deducted the shipping costs and fees from the selling price and wired £243 to your bank account

FAQ iconFrequent questions

How do I change the price or remove my bottle from sale?

You can always contact us via WhatsApp and ask to increase or decrease the price for your lots

If I change my mind, can I get my bottle back?

Of course, you can. But you will have to reimburse us for the pickup cost and pay return shipping. Read more in our terms of service.