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All spirits begin their life in a distillery. And then they grow up to be the fine, upstanding liquors your tumbler depends on. Seeing as how people all around the world enjoy liquor just as much as you do (okay, maybe not as much), distilleries are pretty much in every corner of this great globe of ours.
You can find your favorite one on the map above or browse through different distilleries according to the type of spirit they produce. Then, just click on the one you want to know more about. Products, history, location, address and website — it’s all there.

About Glenbotal

The idea of Glenbotal came to us naturally: as whisky lovers, we were always on a watch out for new experiences in the whisky world. But when we were interested in trying something new to stretch our pallettes, buying the whole bottle was too much of a commitment for us. What if we don’t like it? What would we do with the rest of the bottle?

That’s why we created Glenbotal and became our own first customers. We buy bottles from auctions, ballots, and private collections and share them in a small circle of friends and people who can appreciate a good dram.