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Glenbeg, Acharacle PH36 4JG
OwnerAdelphi distillery
TypeSingle Malt
Number of stills2 Stills
Visitor centerComing soon
Phone+44 1972500285

Adelphi Distillery

The loch Katrine Adelphi distillery (As it was originally known) was built on the river Clyde in the Gorbals at the heart of Glasgow in 1826 by Charles and David Gray. In the 1840’s Andrew Usher tweaks the art of blending whisky and is named the father of modern blended whisky, In 1860 William Gladstone passes a law that allowed maturing whiskies tax free thus starting the culture of maturing casks for added value in taste. This is celebrated by ‘Punch Magazine’ depicting William Gladston as the cartoon character Dancey Man. Around 1880 the Adelphi distillery changed hands to the new owner Messrs A Walker and Co. who owns other distilleries in England who then expands the distillery to making grain and malt distils and within a few years (1886) becomes one of the largest producing distilleries in Scotland, with four pot stills and a coffey still producing over 500,000 gallons (that's over 2.2 million litres). At the turn of the 20th century the Adelphi changes hands again to the Distillers Company Ltd., but unfortunately just 3 years later (1906) the ‘Great Gorbals Disaster’ happens when the huge washback collapses sending a tidal wave of alcohol into the neighbouring street and causing a fatality, Malt distilling ceases because of this but grain distilling and cask maturation continues up until 1932 when grain distilling come to a halt as well. In the early 70’s the distillery was demolished and in its place, the Glasgow central Mosque was erected (1984). In the early 90’s the great grandson of Archibald Walker, Jamie Walker revived the name Adelphi as an independent bottler for rare and top quality whiskies he also hired Charles Maclean (later to become world renown author on whiskies) as his ‘chief nose’. In 1994 the Dancey man becomes Adelphis Mascot after Jamie Walker acquires the copyright from ‘Punch Magazine’. In early 2000, Keith Falconer and Donald Houston buy a hogshead of whisky from Jamie, they are so amazed they end up buying the company and in 2004 employ Alex Bruce who elevates the Adelphi name as a purveyor of exceptional single cask whiskies by whisky connoisseurs worldwide. By 2013 the need to expand begins works on a new distillery in Glenbeg on the west coast of Scotland to be named Ardnamurchan distillery and by 2016 the first bottling was available and was sold out overnight.

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Adelphi Distillery

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The idea of Glenbotal came to us naturally: as whisky lovers, we were always on a watch out for new experiences in the whisky world. But when we were interested in trying something new to stretch our pallettes, buying the whole bottle was too much of a commitment for us. What if we don’t like it? What would we do with the rest of the bottle?

That’s why we created Glenbotal and became our own first customers. We buy bottles from auctions, ballots, and private collections and share them in a small circle of friends and people who can appreciate a good dram.