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Welcome to Glenbotal club. Subscription for hardcore whisky lovers.

Unique experience

Discover a unique experience of whiskies sourced directly from auctions and private collections that you always wanted to try.


Join Glenbotal club

Join our club and for a fraction of a price you will taste whiskies that you always wanted to try, but were not sure whether they worth these £700.
Currently our offer is limited to a closed group of 100 subscribers, as we want to be sure that every club member will get the most value out of our subscription.
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How it works

1. Acquiring

We acquire most of the bottles through auctions and private collectors. We specialize on rare and hard-to-find spirits. If you have an interesting bottle that you want to sell, please contact us for evaluation

2. Quality Check

All acquired bottles are screened for authenticity and quality assurance

3. Preparing the Tasters

At the end of each month we prepare your 3 monthly 10 cl tasters. We make sure that you’ll never get the same taster twice

4. Receiving

We dispatch all the lots at the start of the month so you’ll receive them on the first week of each month

Choose Your Club

Subscription lots Examples

£99/month Total value of bottles: £450

£139 £99/month Total value of bottles: £700

£399/month Total value of bottles: £1800

Why Choose Glenbotal


3 X 10 cl bottles delivered monthly

Each month we send you 3 x 10 cl tasters of rare and hard-to-find whiskies. Unlike most subscriptions that send 3 cl or 5 cl samples, which is barely enough to touch your tongue, we chose 10 cl tasters to give you a much better experience. You have to drink at least 1 dram of whisky straight and then 1 dram to try it with a drop of water. Naturally, the other 2 drams are for a friend that shares your passion.


Subscription Value that Suits You

You choose the value of your subscription. The value of a subscription is determined by the worth of bottles in it. Master Experience will give you 3 x 10 cl shares from 3 bottles with a combined price of at least £700. Royal Experience will give you 3 x 10 cl shares from 3 bottles with a combined price tag of at least £1800.


You Get Best Value For Your Money

We ship tasters of high value and hard-to-find whiskies without premium. Meaning that if the combined value of 3 bottles is £700, getting 3 x 10 cl tasters, which is 1/7 of their volume, will cost you exactly 1/7 of the price. You can check our valuations of bottles at our Shop section. You’ll be surprised to find that we have the lowest prices on high-end whiskies in the world. Shop prices are used to determine the worth of the bottles in your subscription

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