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Wolfburn Sherry aged Whisky

70cl / 56.9%


About this whisky
  • Cask type: Refill Sherry Hogshead
  • Malt type: Single Cask
  • Region: Scotland
  • Chilfiltered: No
  • Coloring: No
Wolfburn is the northernmost Whisky distillery on the Scottish mainland and derives its name from the burn (stream) which it takes its waters named Wolf. Originally the distillery opening was in 1821 just 350 meters from its current location and by the 1870’s it was marked in an ordinance survey map as a ruin. In 2012 approval was gained to build the new Wolfburn distillery which is the one producing at present. This bottle is from a single cask number 87 and its notes are as follows, the nose is dark chocolate, coffee, and stewed fruits, on the palate the chocolate and berries are dominant with honey and a smooth middle long finish of chocolate, red fruit and tobacco.

Tasting Notes

Dark Chocolate, Coffee, and Stewed Fruits,

Chocolate, Berries and Honey

Middle Finish, Chocolate, Red Fruit and Tobacco.

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