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Jack Daniel’s 150th Anniversary

70cl / 43%


About this whisky
  • Malt type: Tennessee
  • Region: USA
  • Coloring: Yes
The year 2016 marked the 150th anniversary to the Jack Daniels Distillery and throughout the whole of 2016 several bottles were released in honour of the official registration of the distillery in 1866, including this one, made with the original no.7 recipe only at a higher strength of 43% ABV, A lot of charred vanilla scent on the nose and some toffee as well as caramelised bananas, the palate brings almond as well as the existing toffee and vanilla and also some brown sugar in there, finishing off short with walnut, chocolate, caramel and sweet oak. 

Tasting Notes

Charred Vanilla, Toffee and Caramelised Bananas

Almond, Toffee, Vanilla and Brown Sugar

Short, Walnut, Chocolate, Caramel and Sweet Oak

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