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Schenley 8 Year Old (O.F.C)

75cl / 40%


About this whisky
  • Malt type: Blended
  • Region: Canada
This is an antique bottle of Schenley O.F.C. that was matured for 8 years and was produced in 1967. The palate is complex yet well-balanced – a mixture of sweet notes of cinnamon, vanilla and chamomile, interrupted by peppery spices and herbal notes.

Tasting Notes

Pleasant, sweet oaky vanilla, spices

Complex and well-balanced, sweet cinnamon notes with vanilla, chamomile and peppery notes with herbal hints

Long finish with pleasant sweet and spicy notes, shades of mint

Flavour Profile


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About Glenbotal

The idea of Glenbotal came to us organically: as whisky lovers, we were always on the lookout for new experiences in the whisky world. But when we were interested in trying something new to stretch our palates, buying the whole bottle was too much of a commitment for us. What if we don’t like it? What would we do with the rest of the bottle?

That’s why we created Glenbotal and became our very own first customers. We buy bottles from auctions, ballots, and private collections then share them with a small circle of friends and people who can appreciate a good dram.