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Sons of Scotland – 2014 – Cambusbarron

70cl / 61.3%


About this whisky
  • Cask type: Hogshead
  • Malt type: Single Malt
  • Region: Scotland
The sons of Scotland is a new series of whisky bottling done by the Sterling distillery. Founded by husband and wife duo Cameron and June McCann in the city of Sterling for the production of Gin, Sterling distillery has now started bottling whisky with the intent to distill whisky by 2024. The Sons of Scotland series is their first bottling attempt and features a range of whiskies collected from four different whisky making regions of Scotland, The Lowlands, Highlands, Islands, and Speyside, And named after historical Stirlingshire distilleries. The Lowlands representation is Cambusbarron Distillery, founded pre 1741 it is one of the earliest distilleries on record. The nose will catch a freshly cut meadow and jelly sweets on this golden spirit and the taste of summer herbs hit you first with an undertone of lychees which dissipates to a long sharp ginger. With just 295 bottles this single cask comes at a powerful 61.3% well worth taking it easy with this one.

Tasting Notes

Fresh Cut Meadow, Jelly Sweets

Summer Herbs, Lychees Undertone

Long Sharp Ginger

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