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Yoichi Woody and Vanillic

50cl / 55%


About this whisky
  • Cask type: Sherry
  • Malt type: Single Malt
  • Region: Japan
Bottled in 2015, this whisky is a fusion matured in Bourbon, Sherry, and Oak casks, bottled at 55.0% ABV. This is a limited edition Yoichi bottling. On the nose, it unfurls a symphony of vanilla, wood, fresh-cut grass, honey, and banana. The palate offers a dynamic blend of spices, dominant caramel, oak, subtle peated notes, and a touch of bitterness. A splash of water amplifies its peppery essence, further enriching the caramel and oak flavors. The finish is medium, leaving traces of bitter caramel, oak, and pepper.

Tasting Notes

Vanilla, Wood, Fresh-Cut Grass, Honey, and Banana

Spices, Dominant Caramel, Oak, Subtle Peated Notes, and a Touch of Bitterness

Medium Finish, Traces of bitter caramel, Oak, and Pepper

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