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Bushmills 1608 Reserve

100cl / 40%


About this whisky
  • Malt type: Blended
  • Region: Ireland
Discover the enchanting allure of Bushmills 1608 Reserve Blend, a refined whisky that embodies the rich heritage of Bushmills Distillery. Nose: The first encounter with Bushmills 1608 is a gentle caress of sweetness, laced with an intriguing hint of spices and the warmth of honey. This inviting aroma sets the stage for a delightful sensory experience. Palate: As you delve deeper, the initial sweetness gracefully evolves on the palate. The herbal notes, subtle yet discernible, gradually give way to a more robust honey flavor. This transition creates a delightful interplay of taste, marrying the herbal freshness with the richness of honey. Finish: The finish of Bushmills 1608 is a testament to its quality. It is refreshingly fresh and naturally sweet, lingering just long enough to leave a memorable impression. The sweetness gradually fades, yet it takes its time, allowing you to fully appreciate the depth of flavors.

Tasting Notes

Honey, Spices, Vanilla, Malt

Vanilla, Almonds, Herbs, Apple

Medium Finish, Fresh, Sweet

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