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English Whisky Co. Peated Burgundy single barrel – Harvey Nichols

70cl / 51%


About this whisky
  • Cask type: Burgundy
  • Malt type: Single Malt
  • Region: England
Matured fully in a Pinot Noir 250 lt. barrel from Burgundy, France and on its first fill too this is a very rare (only 280 bottles) whisky. There is no age on the bottle, but this whisky was distilled in 2007 and bottled in 2019. The first greeting of aroma is of cherry chocolate liqueurs but this changes to smoked paprika and freshly brewed coffee. The Pinot Noir cask fills your palate with toasted nuts and dried fruits in Christmas spices but finishes off with smoked chilies, more like a Highland Scots whisky than one from East Anglia.

Tasting Notes

Cherry chocolate liqueurs, Smoked paprika and Freshly brewed coffee

Toasted nuts, Dried fruits and Christmas spices

Smoked chilies

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