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Jon, Mark And Robbo’s – The Smooth Sweeter One

50cl / 40%


About this whisky
  • Malt type: Blended Malt
  • Region: Scotland
On a hill somewhere in Scotland, sat 3 friends having a ‘chat’ about Whisky. One of them “Robbo”  also known as David Robertson, a former master distiller at Macallan’s. They had an idea, What if Whisky could be a little more approachable and possibly more fun, That’s how the 'Easy Drinking Company’ came to be. The first release would be their favourite tastes the three blends, ‘Rich Spicy One’, ‘Smokey Peaty One ’ and the ‘Smooth Sweeter One'. The Smooth Sweeter One is made up of 70 percent Irish Cooly and 30 percent Islay’s Bunnahabhain. On the nose, Citrus and Vanilla are prevalent also slightly floral, On the palate, toffee, honey, vanilla and some green apple with an easy finish of tropical fruit, honey and vanilla. A very easy and palatable spirit, possibly an introductory whisky for the inexperienced.

Tasting Notes

Citrus, Vanilla and Floral

Toffee, Honey, Vanilla and Green Apple

Tropical Fruit, Honey and Vanilla

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